Sherwood wisdom 3 kit download

Sherwood wisdom 3 kit

This is a must for anyone who dives with a Wisdom 2 dive computer, it can Save-A-Dive. I had been diving with my Insight about four years before I noted the low battery indicator. I would recommend keeping tabs on your power indicator and keep a spare battery in your save a dive. Sherwood Wisdom 3 Computer Bag. +. Sherwood USB Cable for Wisdom Series Computers. +. Sherwood Battery Kit For Wisdom, Insight, Profile. INCLUDES: Battery and O-ring FITS: *Genesis ReAct Pro *Genesis Resource Pro *Sherwood Insight *Sherwood Wisdom 1, 2 and 3 *Aeris Atmos 1 ( and.

Sherwood Scuba guarantees, to the original purchaser only, that the Wisdom 3 The Wisdom 3 dive computer model is based upon the latest research Battery Kit - includes 1 battery, 1 battery hatch o-ring, silicone grease. Sherwood Battery Kit For Wisdom, Insight, Profile Scuba Diving Computer W-BAT -K. Price: $ Sherwood Wisdom 3 Scuba Diving Computer $ Sherwood Wisdom-PRO Wisdom 3 Dive Computer Bag and Download Cable. ( Qty of 1) Bag included; Download Kit included; Color: White.

Buy Sherwood Wisdom H/P Quick Disconnect Hose Kit, WHP, Looking at purchasing a Wisdom 3 dive computer with a standard hose attached. Can this. I have a Wisdom Computer with a quick disconnect kit. Problem is the HP hose has gone bad (leaking air) and needs relacement. Battery Kit For Wisdom, Insight, Profile Computer. Sherwood Wisdom Computer Battery Kit; XS Scuba Standard Tank Carrier; Black Aqua Lung Rocket Fin. It is a good sense having Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer included to build NAVCON;; quick disconnect (QD);; PC interface kit;; battery kit.