Infinitycat psp download

Infinitycat psp

InfinityCat (InfCat) is a clone of M.U.G.E.N with several changes like 4 vs 4, the possibility of developing other games (like projects), and the most user desired option: Netplay. Another advantage over the original engine is that it was developed for multiple platforms (Windows. Porfavor a todos desarrolladores programadores y todo que modifiquen el Mugen infinityCat de PSP. para que sirva en firmwares superiores. Psp Infcat, or Infinity Cat is Psp's Mugen which also the user/gamer to edit stages, music, character, font, who knows there is no limit!.

Has anyone been able to get InfinityCat Mugen to run on a PSP Go? I think it requires fw because it works on my slim with leda, but I haven't. Ok I found a mugen game for psp it works fine but how do I put the characters in it I found some instructions but its kinda weird to me may sum1. · Home».

News via infinitycat The PSP port of InfinityCat is available for distribution. (It's not up at the InfinityCat Wiki Site).